Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Rank High offers a variety of Search engine optimization services ranging from basic submission to planning the strategy for search engine optimization. We have a dedicated team for website promotion and can assure you tangible and quick results.

The fact that you found your way to our website indicates the efficacy of our search engine optimization services. We use only ethical optimization techniques and will help you get top rankings in all major search engines. To view the search engines we consciously optimize for your website, go to List of search engines . Rank High also has the capabilities to handle all your web design requirements. Visit for more details.

Rank High is a firm believer of long-term Search engine optimization strategies and invests considerable skill and effort in developing a unique strategy for your site. Our services can be broadly divided into three areas.

  • Strategic Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Reporting and Submission Services

Strategic Services

Our strategic services will give you a detailed road map of how you should go about optimizing your website. Rank High will first understand the business you operate in. Once we understand the business domain you operate, we will make a thorough study of your competitors. We will also understand the nature of your potential customers to make our document complete and effective. If you follow our suggestions, we assure you that your website will be accorded top search engine ranking.

Implementation Services

Our implementation services include the actual generation of keywords, page titles, meta content like meta keywords and descriptions, suggestions on design and layout, content management, link management i.e. on how to increase the linking of pages internally, effective naming of all the pages in the site as per standard search engine optimization norms and highly optimizing the images for search engine optimization. Rank High is in the business of ensuring top search engine rankings for your company.

Reporting and Submission Services

In our submission services, we manually submit the highly optimized site to ten major search engines as we strongly oppose in auto submissions which some search engine optimization companies offer. We will provide external links to your site from similar sites that best match your business requirements to boost your site popularity. The site will be reviewed after 10 weeks from the date of submission and resubmitted to the search engines. We will ensure that your site remains on the top continuously. The actual costs incurred while submitting to paid sites are chargeable as an extra component, E.g. USD 299 for Yahoo submission, USD 149 for Look Smart.

Commercial Services

Category Services Platinum + Gold + Silver +
Strategic Planning Initial Research on your site YES YES YES
Thorough research on competitors sites YES YES YES
Preparing a strategy document for SEO

  • Base Key word Report
  • Title suggestions
  • Meta content strategy
  • Content and Layout strategy
  • Search engine submission guidelines
Implementation Strategy Meta Title Generation All pages Three pages Home Page
Meta Key word generation All pages Three pages Home Page
Meta Description Generation All pages Three pages Home Page
Layout and design recommendation All pages All pages All pages
Suggestions on content relevant to SEO with respect key word density, key word frequency and relevance All pages Three pages
Link and naming implementation All pages Three pages
Search engine friendly image optimization All pages Three pages
Search engine submission and Reporting Services Manual submission to 10 top search engines Ten pages Three pages Home Page
Review and re posting after 10 weeks Ten pages Three pages
Creating of External Links YES YES
Monthly Report Generation for six months YES
Half yearly updation and re submission YES

Turn Key solutions

Rank High provides entire turnkey solutions for web design and search engine optimization services. The objective of search engine optimization is to increase the rankings of your site. The final benefit of SEO is to ensure greater traffic to your site and generate awareness, interest regarding your services and products. The bottom line is that the investment in SEO should affect your revenue in positive way.

Search engine optimization is closely linked to the design and layout of your site. We specialize in creating extremely creative and user-friendly website designs which perfectly lend themselves to search engine optimization.

The objectives of our Turn Key solutions are

  • Create a website which is visually superior
  • Adhere to HCI norms
  • Create a website lends itself to Search engine optimization
  • Assure you of top search engine ranking in all major search engines
  • Optimize the site for major search engines
  • Provide a branding strategy for the website
  • Make the experience of visiting your website a memorable and pleasant experience
  • Evoke desire and spur action among visitors to use your products and services

Search engine optimization helps a website get noticed. With the help of our design services we can ensure that all the effort of SEO is converted into a pleasing and positive experience for the customer.

You can make a customer visit your site using SEO, but you cant create a positive experience unless your website is pleasing, attractive and appealing. You can achieve all this by using our design services. Visit for more information.