1. What is a Search Engine?

A program that indexes a large portion of pages on the World Wide Web and then attempts to match documents relevant to a user’s search requests.

2. How many types of search engines are there?

There are two types of search engines; individual search engines and Meta search engines. Individual search engines compile their own searchable databases on the web. Meta search engines do not compile databases. Instead, they search the databases of multiple sets of individual engines simultaneously.

3. When should I use a search engine?

Search engines are best at finding unique keywords, phrases, quotes, and information buried in the full-text of web pages. Because they index word by word, search engines are also useful in retrieving tons of documents. If you want a wide range of responses to specific queries, use a search engine.

4. What are keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases (also known as: key-phrase or keyword phrase) in which a web surfer enters into various searching tools in order to find information relating to such word(s) or phrases. In terms of SEO, keywords are also a portion of coding that exists behind the scenes of every web page, indicated what keywords are relevant to the subject matter and content of that particular page.

5. What are META Tags?

Meta tags are part of HTML coding; the coding that is behind every web page and document that can be viewed in an Internet or web browser. Meta tags are part of the web documents header, indicating valuable resources to the formatting of the document including keyword declarations, a detailed page description.

6. What is the difference between a Search engine and a Web directory?

A Search engine is a program, which searches the entire web indexing any web page into its database. A directory on the other hand is not a program but is manually controlled by humans who judge a web page and then include into the directory database. Unlike search engines, directories have categories.

7. What are the different types of Search engines and directories available?

There are many search engines on the web, the popular search engines being Google, AltaVista, MSN, Lycos and Northern light. The popular directories are Yahoo, Open directory (DMOZ) and Looksmart.

8. What and how many pages should I submit to the search engines?

It is recommended to submit only the home page as the search engines automatically navigate to other pages and index. You can also submit an average of five web pages to a search engine.

9. Should I resubmit the pages that have been changed?

There is no need to submit the pages again that have been changed as the search engine spiders and crawlers automatically check for any changes and index the page at regular intervals.

10. Does my web site get listed as soon as I submit?

No web site gets instantly displayed as soon as it is submitted. Each search engine takes its own time for indexing a page. The average time taken by a search engine is 2 to 4 weeks.