About us

Rank High is a search engine optimization services company based out of central Louisiana. We specialize in ensuring top search engine rankings for websites operating in any domain.

Rank High has a dedicated team of qualified search engine experts, Copywriters and designers trained in Search engine optimization. Rank High is a leading SEO company in the US. Rank High specializes in managing turnkey projects involving visual design; web hosting, SEO and providing software programming support to websites. We have dedicated teams of qualified professionals operating in each of these areas. This site is however dedicated to search engine optimization services.

The present day Internet arena is cluttered and diverse. Companies in their eagerness to reap benefits of the Internet create web sites and e-commerce applications without a well thought out web strategy in place.

Most companies start their journey into the Internet arena by building a website. Organizations expectations go up and they presume that mere web presence will help them reap the benefits of the Internet. Failing to see any significant response to their web presence, companies start investing in internet marketing methods like banner ads, email campaigns and so on. They take their investment further when they start investing in e-commerce applications. Rank High helps, guides and handholds companies in planning, designing and executing their web strategies.

With the decreasing response to banner ads and email campaigns, it is necessary to have a viable cost effective, graded and well-formulated Internet strategy to derive mileage from the Internet. At the end of the day the investment in web presence should pay its dividends.

We at Rank High help companies by formulating and implementing a well laid out Internet strategy based on the company’s size, its strength & adaptability and its exposure to the Internet. Rank High along helps organizations reap the benefits of the Internet by providing the following services.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting services
Website visualization and design
Website creation
Search Engine optimization
Intranet and closed group communities
Marketing Campaigns on the internet
Creation of e-commerce engines (E.g. Auction Engines, RFP Engines, Shopping carts)
Web enabling business processes
Custom Software development
Testing, maintenance and support services